SAILER Series Book Rack


Size: W400mm x D500mm x H1350mm

The Time Travel Begins Here

With our furniture & Lighting , painstakingly handcrafted from the resilient timbers of Boats & Ship, and our lighting fixtures fashioned from the time-worn treasures of mid-century vintage, we beckon you to step aboard the vessels of yesteryears, inviting you on an enchanting voyage to the heart of the mid-century era, where history and design harmoniously converge.

Product Introduction

Crafted with care from boat-wood, each rack carries a unique history, as the vibrant colors and weathered textures narrate the story of its previous life at sea.

Bring the spirit of the sea into your living space with this Boat Shape Book and Wine Rack, a harmonious blend of art and functionality that showcases your appreciation for both craftsmanship and environmental consciousness. Revel in the vibrant colors and soulful history of boat-wood as you organize your favorite reads and cherished wine bottles with style and elegance.

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