About Us

WhimNest Studios is a sustainability-focused firm dedicated to delivering comprehensive architectural, interior, and furniture design solutions. We specialise in transforming reclaimed timber and antiques into unique, sustainable pieces that celebrate the art of imperfection and the rustic beauty of nature.

Our mission is to craft stunning, meaningful spaces that uplift the human spirit and inspire all who experience them, honouring the beauty of imperfection in every creation.

Our Philosophy

Our name, WhimNest, is inspired by the concept of a ‘Whimsical Nest,’ a sanctuary where the enchanting charm of aged timber and antique treasures meld to create extraordinary architectural and interior designs. We are driven by a passion for transforming recycled timber into unique art pieces that elevate living spaces while honoring the natural world. By embracing the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, we celebrate the beauty found in imperfections and the elegance of rustic simplicity, crafting spaces that tell a story of timeless charm and sustainable creativity.

Our Craft

Our craft begins with reclaimed timber from old buildings, dismantled boats, and forgotten structures. Each piece of wood carries a history and a story of its past life, which we meticulously craft into something new and extraordinary.

Our designs range from architectural elements to bespoke furniture and decor, each piece reflecting the rustic charm and weathered beauty of its origins. Crafted from reclaimed boat wood and old teakwood, these pieces bring unparalleled character to any space. Through our careful craftsmanship, we breathe new life into these timeless materials, transforming them into designs that honour their history while enhancing your living environment with distinctive beauty and charm. By reimagining and revitalising these pieces, we ensure that each one tells a story of transformation and sustainability.

Our Commitment

At WhimNest, sustainability is at the core of our ethos. By utilising recycled timber and antiques, we reduce the demand for new wood, thereby preserving forests and lessening environmental impact. Each piece of reclaimed wood we use means one less tree cut down, and every antique we restore preserves a piece of history.

Through our commitment to sustainability and the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, we create unique, beautiful designs that benefit both the planet and your living space.

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