PIRATE Series 6 Seater Dining Table for Outdoor/Indoor


Size: W1800mm x D900mm x H800mm

The Time Travel Begins Here

With our furniture & Lighting , painstakingly handcrafted from the resilient timbers of recycled Boats & Ship, and our lighting fixtures fashioned from the time-worn treasures of mid-century vintage, we beckon you to step aboard the vessels of yesteryears, inviting you on an enchanting voyage to the heart of the mid-century era, where history and design harmoniously converge.

Product Introduction

Introducing our exquisite 1.8-meter 6-seater boat-shaped dining table, a testament to sustainable craftsmanship and coastal allure. Crafted with recycled boat-wood, this captivating table showcases a vibrant spectrum of colors that instantly transport you to the idyllic ambiance of the seaside.

Each plank of recycled boat-wood holds its own history, beautifully reflecting the sea's journey, and infusing your dining experience with a touch of nostalgia and authenticity.

Embrace the beauty of sustainable living and immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of coastal life with our 1.8-meter 6-seater boat-shaped dining table. Elevate your dining experience, creating an ambiance of seaside bliss that resonates with the timeless allure of Santorini's coastal serenity. Let this exceptional dining table become the heart of your home, where you share joyous moments and indulge in the artistry of sustainable living.

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