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Privacy & Safety

This Privacy Policy is solely for the Whim_Nest website ( owned by WJ Mystique Sdn. Bhd., hereafter referred to as WhimNest to protect the user's personal information and provide better services.


In principle, based on the Personal Data Protection Act,

we will use this privacy policy to process and use the user's personal information collected on the website and try our best to protect it.


You can learn more in the following.


[The collecting, processing and usage of data]

The personal data obtained by WhimNest is for the purpose and scope of the use of this website only, and unless otherwise stated or in accordance with relevant laws, WhimNest will not provide information to third parties or for other purposes.


Personal data is information that identifies your identity and is undisclosed, such as your name, address, email address or phone number.


When you apply for WhimNest membership, shop, or participate in activities organized by our website, this website collects information generated by you or during the aforementioned use.


Your personal data will be used for the following purposes.

To complete your request for a product and to inform you of special new products, to send out website information (such as e-newsletters, etc.). You can choose to cancel the acceptance by logging into the website.


In order to secure the member's personal data, privacy and protection of consumer rights, the member's personal data will be used in the transaction process, and the following matters will be notified in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act:


The purpose of the collection is to conduct marketing, consumer, customer management and services, online shopping, other e-commerce services and surveys, statistics and research analysis.

Our service will collect personal data through the process of joining as a member or when conducting transaction services


●Purpose of data collection:

The personal data collected by the Service on our Website includes:

Identifcation of the individuals: the member's name, address, phone number, email and other information.

Identification of the financer: credit card or financial institution account information.

Personal description: For example, gender, date of birth, etc.


● Categories of personal data collected:

(1) Utilization period, region, object and method:

When using the services provided by WhimNest as a member, the member's information is automatically displayed on the page.

To conduct a transaction: when a member makes reservation, subscripts, purchases for a product or service, participates in a give-away event, etc., or engages in other transactions, the product distribution, labor service, price payment, reply to the customer's inquiry, and the service to the member, related after-sales services and other necessary business are necessary for the transaction.

Promotional advertising or marketing: Provide information to members such as various electronic magazines, and provide information related to services through emails, mails, and telephone calls.

Reply to Customer's inquiry: Respond to a member's inquiry to WhimNest via email, phone call or any other direct or indirect contact method. Other sales related incidents: The use necessary to provide services by WhimNest in connection with the above purposes.


(2) Member's right on personal data:

Members of the Service who provide personal data may exercise the following rights to WhimNest in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

Query or request to view.

Request for a copy.

Request to add or change.

Request for a copy.

Request for termination of collecting, processing or utilizing.

Request to delete.

Members who wish to exercise the above rights can apply via WhimNest customer service.


[Data sharing and disclosure]

WhimNest does not provide or share your personal information with others or non-affiliated business, except to provide you with the products or services you request, your authorization or in the following circumstances.


Respond to summons, court orders or legal proceedings, obtain or exercise legal rights, or defend against claims in litigation. In order to cooperate with the investigation and prevention of illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to personal safety, violation of the terms of service of this website, or to respond to the above situations, or otherwise provided by law, it is necessary to share your personal data.


Given the situation when the entire or part of the business is acquired or merged by another company, we will transfer your personal data to the company. If this happens, our website will notify you before your personal data is transferred and a different privacy policy will be applied.


[Data Security]

Employees who have access to your personal data are limited to employees who we reasonably believe are required to provide such products or services to you as well as for the purpose of completing given tasks.


We have adopted password management and protection measures, the use of SSL transmission encryption mechanism on some web pages to protect the security of your personal data. It is recommended that you keep your personal account information confidential, do not disclose account information to third parties to protect your personal rights.


[Revision of Privacy Protection Policy]

Our company will revise the website policy from time to time. If you have any questions on the privacy statement of WhimNest or matters related to your personal information, kindly contact our customer service via e-mail.


When you become a user of ( website (hereinafter referred to as "this website"), You have read and clearly understood the Disclaimers and agree that this website does not bear any responsibility in the following circumstances:


1. Your use of the Site Services is at your own risk. The user agrees to use services on this website based on the user's personal wishes and agrees to be responsible for any risks, including any information resulting from downloading materials or pictures from this website or obtaining information from this website resulting in resource loss or other outcomes.


2. This website disclaim all warranties explicitly or implicitly for each service. This website does not guarantee the stability, security, error-free and uninterrupted service; the User expressly assumes all risks of using the Service and any damage that may occur.


3. The behavior of the user to fill in the purchase information, personal data and uploaded pictures on this website is solely the user's personal behavior.


4. This website is not responsible for the authenticity or integrity of its contents.


5. Any damage, loss, theft or tampering of data caused by computer virus intrusion or seizure, temporary closure caused by government regulation, etc., which affects the normal experience of the network, is not related to this website.


6. It is purely the user's personal action to publish or distribute false, illegal information, infringement of others' rights, deception and extortion through this website.


This website is not responsible for any disputes arising therefrom. Hereby declare.

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