20th Century Indian Cement Molding Wood Panel for Wall Decor Type 1


Elevate your living room’s ambiance with our extraordinary 20th-century cement mold collection, perfect for wall decor in a rustic Muji interior design style or an enchanting mix of contemporary and classical decor. These timeless pieces, almost 100 years old, will breathe life into your space, infusing it with a rich sense of history and character. Each item is a rare gem, making it not only a captivating addition to your home but also a promising investment in the realm of antique treasures.

Keep an eye out for more exquisite collections from our company, as we continue to curate captivating pieces to complement your unique style.
800mm x 690mm

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Shipping Information: In-stock items will be shipped within 3-5 working days. Please note that each piece of furniture is handcrafted and unique. Due to the use of reclaimed materials, variations in color, texture, and markings are natural and should be expected. These variations are not defects but add to the charm and character of the furniture.

Warranty: We offer a one-year warranty on all furniture items, valid from the date of purchase.

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